About WindChill Engineering

About WindChill Engineering


WindChill Engineering began operations in 2012, but our history goes back beyond that. With over 40 years combined manufacturing experience, the WindChill founders recognized a need for a containment company that would work closely with partners in the containment industry to provide complete custom containment solutions. Since 2012, we have partnered with experts in the industry to provide containment for small businesses, COLO's, large private institutions, and fortune 500 companies.

Our Containment

WindChill manufactures all of our containment in house. But before we begin the manufacturing process, we work with our clients to design a custom solution catered to the specific needs of their data center. We want satisified clients, and that means a well built robust solution designed to fit.

Certified Partners

At WindChill Engineering, we understand containment. Our primary skill is designing and manufacturing high quality containment. There are a lot of great companies that understand airflow dynamics, energy efficiency, manufacture high quality cabinets, or just have better expertise to build a complete solution. We try to work with these partners because we believe that is how we can offer the best value for our customers. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a partner that is best suited to meet your containment needs.