Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

cold aisle containment

What is Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment in data centers isolates the cold air as it is fed into the racks. By isolating and concentrating the cold air, cooling capacity and energy efficiency of the cooling unit are increased. A primary advantage of Cold Aisle Containment is that by focusing on the cold air, or the air that is fed to the servers, air temperature requirements are more easily met. This significantly reduces the likelihood of hot-spots and allows increased cooling temperatures. Cold Aisle containment in data centers will also minimize or even eliminate moisture management requirements

In addition to energy savings and improved operational efficiency, cold aisle containment can also improve aesthetics and reduce noise outside and around the data center.

Containment Options

WindChill offers several options for Cold Aisle Containment. Rigid containment is the most efficient option. WindChill Rigid Doors, walls, and ceiling panels are made with sturdy high quality aluminum and ASTM certified poly-carbonate paneling. Our containment is made with tight tolerances to eliminate air leakage and to improve function and durability.

Our soft containment is a more economical option. Soft containment can also be combined with rigid containment to meet the specific needs and varying requirements of individual data centers. For example, if a rack is often pulled out and put back into place, a vinyl curtain is an ideal option, to fill the space.
All WindChill containment can be ordered and designed custom for the data center.

Cold Aisle Containment Ceiling

Easy to Remove Ceiling Panels

Standard in cold aisle containment, WindChill uses clear shrink-away paneling in individually removable panels. The clear panels ensure maximum light is transfered through for an ideal working environment. The removable panels make it easy to take panels out when work needs to be done above the aisle or the cabinets.

Cabinet Above Wall

Clear Fire Rated Paneling

In both hot and cold aisle solutions, clear polycarbonate paneling with a high optical clarity rating comes standard in all our rigid doors and walls. This paneling meets or exceeds all ASTM E84 ratings for use in a data center.

Custom Cold Aisle

Custom Built for Your Data Center

At WindChill, nothing is built until we have recieved verified measurements and an order has been placed. Rather than make a one-size solution, we work with our customers to design a set of products around thier unique constraines, so every job fits and looks perfect.

Cold Aisle Mechanical Ceiling

Mechanical Ceiling

Our new cold aisle mechanical ceiling can be built to either raise or to drop. It easily resets, and uses the same shrink-away plastic as our standard ceiling panels, so redundancy is built in. It links directly to the fire suppression system in the data center.

Mechanical Ceiling down
Mechanical Ceiling up
Cold Aisle Containment

Free Standing Wall

data center Cold Aisle Containment

Even Cabinet Height

data center containment

Variable Cabinet Height


Certified Partners

WindChill sells containment to data centers through certified partners. We work with experts in the industry to proved a more comprehensive solution. We work with these partners to custom design a high quality aesthetically pleasing solution for your data center.