GapHOG™ Fire Rated Memory Foam to Fill Internal Rack Gaps

GapHOG™’s products keep chilled air from escaping into odd spots where it is not used (such as above, below and in-between data center hardware or into hot aisles through data center flooring). You may be losing a few thousand dollars each year in electrical charges due to these “leaks” in your system. A few thousand dollars of savings each year may well be worth the investment in GapHOG™’s products.

The money you spend on GapHOG™ products comes back to you year after year through improved airflow circulation, which means lower energy bills.


  • Fills gaps between data center racks.
  • Fire and chemical retardant coating.
  • Made for unusual openings and gaps for maximum containment.
  • Efficient and easy custom installation.


  • Customizable to fill gaps of any size.
  • Comes in custom IceStripps™ or IceBlokks™ to fit your data center.


Installations & Testimonials

The Gaphog product enabled us to effectively seal floor cutouts in our Legacy Data Center without spending huge amounts of money compared to other products on the market. The inserts have held up well in our environment over the past 5 years. Since installation, none have had to be replaced and stand up well to being removed and replaced as we execute new cable installs or removals after retirement. This was and still remains an innovative product for increasing plenum static pressure by sealing those pesky cutouts in the raised floor tiles, especially when you have to seal up larger cutouts created a decade ago when cooling was in abundance for Data Center spaces. Gaphog was the perfect fit for us when we needed them and remain one of the best investments made in increasing the cooling and power efficiency of our Data Center spaces.

Todd Mahoney, Data Center Specialist, Schneider National

Spec Sheets and Other Product Docs